Don't let your application get left behind.

I help CEOs & CTOs modernize their applications & deploy to the cloud. Currently partnering with Google to consult Fortune 500 clients.

Hey, I'm Miles.

Consumers and businesses alike are demanding faster and reliable applications like never before. I help businesses live up to those expectations by leveraging modern application development and deployment technologies. I'm a certified Google Cloud Architect, and regularly consult Fortune 500 companies on how to leverage Google Cloud Platform specifically.

In my spare time, I love helping my community. I lead a network of 500+ startup CTOs at and help organize Boulder Startup Week.


I'll answer your burning questions: what's our product? How do we build it? How do we prepare for the future without wasting resources?

Small & Medium businesses

You're onto something, but now you face new challenges. I can solve your scaling issues, set up processes for sane operating, and identify new revenue channels.


Innovation is required to preserve your dominance. I'll analyze new tech, provide independent advise to executives, and help you leverage modern technologies like cloud computing.

Personal Achievements

  • I've built dozens of websites and mobile apps, for everyone from startups and large publicly traded companies.
  • I'm a certified Google Cloud Architect.
  • I've helped raise over $5MM in VC funding.
  • I've built systems that have processed over $3MM in payments.
  • I've managed cross-functional efforts to launch & maintain dozens of projects.
  • I've helped companies launch & maintain $30,000+ marketing & PPC efforts.
  • I've managed part-time, full-time, and outsourced employees.


Don't just take my word.

Highly recommend! Rare combination of business and technical knowledge, a powerful skill set to tap into.
- Alexandra W, CEO
The time I spent this week with Miles is already proving valuable to my startup. Highly recommend.
- Matthew B, CEO
Very good technology sense and a deep understanding of how human factors play in the development of software that people will actually use.
- Serge A, CEO
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