Accelerate your cloud development

Want to build faster & safer on the cloud? That's what I do.

How is your engineering team performing?

Does collaborating with engineers on your team slow down your development?

Is your release velocity bogged down by slow testing & release processes/tools?

Do you cross your fingers every time you deploy a new version of your application?

Are new features taking longer than you’d like to introduce to your customers?

Do bugs and performance issues take a long time to identify, debug, and fix?

Are you spending too much on cloud infrastructure?

Do you feel like you’re not taking advantage of powerful cloud platform features?

Are you excited about new technologies like Kubernetes but don’t know how to get started?

If you answered "YES" to any of those, let's talk.

I’ll lighten your infrastructure burden
by accelerating & strengthening your cloud development processes
for faster releases and more reliable applications

Hey, I'm Miles.

I’ve got experience creating every size of custom web and mobile application, starting venture backed companies of my own, and working intimately with some of the largest cloud platforms on the planet. I’ve contributed to several cloud infrastructure open source tools, created public demos for the latest & greatest app dev tools, and spoken at developer conferences.

I currently spend the majority of my time consulting brand-name companies building their applications on public cloud platforms, especially Google Cloud Platform. I help them with the same things I help small & medium sized companies with, just on a much larger scale. I try to make myself available for other companies so I can pass along the experience & knowledge I gain from working with the tech giants.

In my spare time, I lead a network of 600+ CTOs at If that's you, join us!

Speaking & Training

I can educate your office or conference about cloud application development or a specific tool. See my latest talk at SpinnakerSummit.

Recurring Advising

I can meet with your team on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) to identify roadblocks and create paths to success.

Code delivery

If you’d like to offload the development effort, I can deliver code & infrastructure directly to your team within your budget & timeline.

Development PROCESSES

  • Git workflow
  • Automated tests
  • Source code repo management & configuration

Build Systems

Continuous Integration

  • Analyzing all the options, picking one, and implementing it.
  • Jenkins, CloudBuild, CodeBuild, CircleCI, etc.

Continuous Delivery

  • I’m a Spinnaker contributor, have setup & administered it at several large scale companies, and even spoke at SpinnakerSummit
  • Analyzing all delivery options, picking one, and implementing it.
  • Spinnaker, Tekton, JenkinsX, etc.

Infrastructure Planning & Management

  • Autoscaling VM infrastructure
  • Kubernetes creation & deployment
  • Infrastructure as Code with Terraform
  • Immutable infrastructure patterns
  • System architecture
  • Capacity Planning & Right-sizing

Application Tooling

  • Containerization
  • Proxy tools like Envoy & Istio
  • Monitoring & debugging with Prometheus, Grafana, Stackdriver, etc.
  • Network debugging with tcpdump, netstat, Wireshark, etc.

Ready to run faster?

I'll help you get there.

Alexandra, CEO

"Highly recommend! Rare combination of business and technical knowledge, a powerful skill set to tap into."

Matthew, CEO

"The time I spent this week with Miles is already proving valuable to my startup. Highly recommend."

Serge, CEO

"Very good technology sense and a deep understanding of how human factors play in the development of software that people will actually use."